1. causing sickness or disgust

1. broad-minded; especially: not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms
2. a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties

We here at Sickeningly Liberal use our reasoning and logic to guide our lives and political philosophies. We are against anything that cripples social progress, science, and education. We are against anything that uses the supernatural as justification for intolerance and ignorance. We do not believe that a lack of religion means a lack of morals just as we do not believe the embracing of religion means a lack of intellect. We assign ourselves to no political party and are against the “us versus them” mentality that has consumed the political sphere. We believe in equality and every person’s right to pursue happiness. Mostly, we wish for people to treat all human beings – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or favorite daytime soap – with the respect that they deserve.

The Writers

J. James

theauthorJ. James, who hails from the snow belt of the United States, is the mastermind behind Sickeningly Liberal. He embraced the name of this website when a fellow teacher, attempting an insult, called him “sickeningly liberal” after a lengthy debate on healthcare reform. He is young, full of himself, and like all young people with a college degree, thinks he has all of the answers. Which he does. He is also in constant pursuit of his fortune and glory, which makes him prime material for a seat in the U.S. Senate someday. In the meantime, he graciously volunteers his genius to the internet, providing his insight on politics and showering liberal lessons of life to all of those that cross his path, being viewed by many as a modern-day Nietzsche. While you’ll often find his nose in a book, he loves fine beer and finer women – although his heart will always belong to the movies and literature, which captured his imagination at an early age, opening his mind to the worlds of decadent protagonists, dashing adventurers, morally ambiguous gunfighters, and well-meaning space smugglers. He claims to be a writer and hopes to be a renowned author before he’s so old that using it to pick up women becomes irrelevant and creepy.

Paul Spangler

paulspanglerPaul Spangler grew up in a family of staunch Republicans and, for the most part, accepted their political beliefs as gospel, although his interest was more in his guitar and computer than anything dealing with politics. Then, his freshman year of college, he found himself thrust into a debate with a college professor of political science, who asked him to explain in front of the class of fifty-seven why he believed what he believed. Paul could do little more than mumble a few incoherent lines he heard his father say once and with his pride hurt, he secluded himself in the library for the weekend and began to open books and magazines and websites on politics. He soon realized he believed in very little that the Republican party stood for and before he knew it, politics became a passion (and even a minor) for him. As of now, he is finishing up his degree at a large university before he goes off to save the world.

Andy Hecker

andyheckerAndy Hecker is considered by many to be the voice of his generation.  Those many: his grandmother and his ten year old cousin, who is very mature for his age.  He once had a dream, and that dream was that one day he would become a famous actor in Hollywood.  When that fell through, he realized his second dream could become a reality and that he could write for a liberal-minded political blog.  He hopes that his unique wit and biting sarcasm will be a refreshing alternative to J. James’s bitter and cynical view on the world.  Loyal to no political party, he judges with his gut, which is hairless and washboard-like.  His posts may be few and far between, but they’ll always leave you wanting more, like a $5.99 Sizzler special.

Jacob B.

Jacob B. is our resident apolitical humor essayist and economic expert. He doesn’t assign himself to any political party and would much rather drink beer and play pool than talk politics, but sometimes he feels compelled. He does not like descriptions of himself, because it is impossible to capture his essence with mere words, but we’d say he’s kind of like our site’s The Dude.

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