Like any patriotic American, we all should want to bring death to all people with opposing political views (aw, hell, and while we’re at it, we might as well call for the death of those with different religious beliefs, favorite sports teams, gingers, and a hipster fashion sense), especially when one cannot even define the term which they throw around to label the opposer.

“Are you a commie? ARE YOU A COMMIE?” asks the passionate Marine veteran in the video below.

“No, no, no,” the man asking the questions replies, probably starting to wonder if the kook he is talking to is about to stab him through the heart with his American flag.

“Then stay alive,” the veteran says coldly, walking away. “Or else you’d be dead.”

You know, this video kind of brings to mind…

I love these folks over at New Left Media. Here, they continue their journalistic excellence by asking simple questions and letting those answering crash and burn. My favorite moment comes at 1:37, which I have watched six times and keep laughing just as hard.

President Obama spoke about his final plans for health care reform and made a call for Congress to stop wasting time and do something once and for all. As he says so eloquently, it has been a year. Everything that can be said has been said and it’s been said by everybody. Watch the videos below and make up your own mind. I’ve provided a few select excerpts to read below as well.

“I don’t believe we should give government bureaucrats or insurance company bureaucrats more control over health care in America. I believe it’s time to give the American people more control over their own health insurance. I don’t believe we can afford to leave life-and-death decisions about health care to the discretion of insurance company executives alone. I believe that doctors and nurses like the ones in this room should be free to decide what’s best for their patients.

The proposal I’ve put forward gives Americans more control over their health care by holding insurance companies more accountable. It builds on the current system where most Americans get their health insurance from their employer. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Because I can tell you that as the father of two young girls, I wouldn’t want any plan that interferes with the relationship between a family and their doctor. …

So this is our proposal. This is where we’ve ended up. It’s an approach that has been debated and changed and I believe improved over the last year. It incorporates the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans – including some of the ideas that Republicans offered during the health care summit, like funding state grants on medical malpractice reform and curbing waste, fraud, and abuse in the health care system. My proposal also gets rid of many of the provisions that had no place in health care reform – provisions that were more about winning individual votes in Congress than improving health care for all Americans.”

‘Tis the season for giving, and our government is trying their best to ensure around 30 million US citizens have a happy holiday.  And a happy rest of their lives.

Hopefully we can get this sucker straightened out in the House (or the Hizzy, as I like to call it).  Check out some of the most important legislation in quite some time.

Affordable Health Care for America Act (.pdf)

Shortened summery of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (.pdf)

A Yahoo! article summarizing how the Senate Bill would change health care (not a .pdf)

I love America; to an extent. Sometimes we, not only as Americans but as people, tend to let certain ideologies and categorical beliefs direct our judgment. As of lately, there seems to be one such area where everyone seems to have a strong dissenting opinion, and I am not talking about who is to blame in the Jon and Kate Plus Hate fiasco or “why are those people in the Snuggie commercials wearing their robes backwards,” hence my conditional love of our country. No, that center-ring star of the national circus would be public health care. I have heard and participated in many debates, both of sound mind and body and those of more sound, less mind (drunk), where both sides assessed the merit of a public health care system.

And what did all of those conversations have in common? They were all pointless.

No one ever wins when it comes to these debates and we always just walk away thinking about how big of an idiot that other person is. So I decided to try and figure out a way to convey my opinion of a public health care system in the most productive way possible. My first thought was that I could write portions of MY IDEAS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, AS TO CONVEY A SENSE OF THREAT AND URGENCEY. As enticing as it would be to write while completely ignoring any literary conventions and general intelligence, that would be just too folksy for me. My next possible avenue was that of extreme conservatism. I could roll up on my adversaries’ place of business and just forcibly tea-bag my opinion down their throat. That method, although enjoyable and making for good television, would just get messy. My third option was that of the liberal route. I could be painfully meticulous and boringly informative in the explanation of my opinions, and at the first sign of political opposition I could fold up like a Prius in a head on collision – also no.


Who wants to listen to real people tell obviously fabricated stories about their pathetic lives? I want to hear why healthcare reform is necessary from politicians, so then I can say, “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HEALTHCARE, RICHIE RICHARDSON McOIL, YOU SOCIALIST COMMIE FASCIST!” Why would I want to hear what average Larry the Liberal wants to say, as if he knows more about politics than a professional such as Glenn Beck?

Don’t give us your sob story about how your daughter died because she didn’t have healthcare. THIS IS AMERICA, HOME OF THE FREE, NOT HOME OF THE FREE DOCTOR’S VISITS. Stop letting yourselves die, and get a job with healthcare benefits. That should be easy. The job market is hotter than ever right now.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always felt that the best way to deal with these propaganda spreading liberals and make my political point is by heckling everyday citizens sharing their stories, especially those telling recent personal tragedies. We don’t debate, we berate. That’s my motto and that’s the American way. These are America’s true patriots. These are the teabaggers.

Highlights of Current Senate Legislation:
-Insures 94% of Americans
-Reduces deficit by $127 billion over next decade
-Includes public option opt-out for states

Be prepared for the potential filibuster and make sure that you understand how a filibuster works. Should it be something we fear though? Maybe not according to this opinion piece:

With health care now consuming more than one-sixth of America’s GDP and a recent Harvard study estimating that 45,000 Americans die each year from lack of health insurance, the nation can no longer afford this pattern of legislative deadlock. The solution is for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to exercise his right to restore the traditional filibuster. Were Senator Reid to do this, the opponents of health care reform would have to make their arguments against permitting the majority to vote in full public view.

The outcome of such a public debate is by no means preordained. But it would take a matter of urgent public policy import out of the backrooms of the Senate and into the public arena. Democrats who favor health care reform should not shrink from an old-fashioned filibuster, but welcome it. And if Senator Lieberman and his colleagues wish to argue their case in the court of public opinion, then by all means let them do so. For the result may be not only the end of an untenable status quo in health care, but also the weakening of an archaic Senate tradition that has debilitated the legislative process.

The question is: how many Americans that aren’t steadfast in their beliefs already would even care to watch it?

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