Mr. Spangler has created quite the stir amongst my social circle about alternative energy.  This caused one of my friends to insult Leo, which made me incredibly angry.  He gets a bad rap for ‘Titanic’.  I’m telling you, he will go down in history as the best actor of our generation, and certainly the best actor to ever appear on ‘Growing Pains’.  Sorry, Kirk Cameron.

I’m not sure why people are so opposed to looking for alternative ways to create energy.  When you talk about it in the political sense, I guess I would assume that this issue is something that would bridge the partisan gap.  It creates revenue for the alternative energy companies and the people who are invested in them, which is good.  It saves the companies and communities that invest in alternative energy millions of dollars, which is also a good thing.  And while it happens to be creating jobs and be more cost effective, it’s also good for the environment (while I do not believe that there is enough evidence to support man-made global warming, I do believe that it doesn’t take a scientist to watch a sunset from Dodger Stadium in LA and realize that it’s probably not good to breathe in that air).

When I talk to people about this, the issue that they seem to not understand about alternative energy is that it can actually be incredibly cheaper than traditional fuel. Now, that being said, I don’t expect every house to have its own source of independent energy in its backyard.  When you’re talking about spending federal dollars, that’d be absolutely ridiculous.  No one was expected to own a computer when they first made their way onto the scene in the 40’s either (unless you were a millionaire and happened to own an entire city block).  I’m not saying we should all live like the Dutch.  Although that would be pretty sweet, it’s just not practical on a micro-level yet.

However, if businesses and communities invest in alternative energy projects like biomass technology or community digesters, it is significantly more cost effective than traditional fuel based energy (and simultaneously good for the environment).  Companies like Wilson Engineering provide clean, renewable, and significantly cheaper energy technology.

When you can actually show the fiscal sense that projects that companies like this provide, I’m unsure as to why you wouldn’t want to invest in that technology.

While I certainly don’t believe that human beings are the cause of global warming, I do believe it’s fiscally and socially irresponsible to not look for alternative energy sources when the technology is readily available.

And while Leo may not be an authority on energy policy, I think he’s more knowledgeable than this ass-clown:


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