October 2009


Please, take the time to read this – and if you feel inclined to do so, join in on the discussion. I spent more time on this than I did on most papers during my undergrad.

Being subjected to anti-Islamic links on my Facebook newsfeed is one way to get me riled up. Even though it was an old high school friend of mine – who happens to be a very cool, nice, attractive woman, mind you – I had to hold back my impulse to tear to shreds her comment and everything that the website she posted propagated. I knew when the “article” she posted was titled “Urgent Nationwide Call to Prayer,” that I was in for something that was going to raise my blood pressure and I was right. I was appalled, but unsurprised, by what I read.

My first problem was with my friend’s description of the link, which said: “I support this and am concerned, I hope you are too.”


A genius idea that I’m pissed I hadn’t thought of first. At one of the recent teabagging rallies in Washington, D.C., two college guys traveled to the rally with only a camera and microphone to ask basic questions to the passionate protesters. The outcome was the brilliant guerilla journalism that you can watch below. The interviewer, who according to their YouTube channel is a fellow named Chase Whiteside, does very little besides ask legitimate questions. The result is their complete self-destruction on camera, right before our very eyes. As laugh-out-loud hilarious as it is frightening, I think it is a proper portrayal of some of the the problems we face in America today, which I am sure will be touched on over and over again as this site progresses: ignorant, uninformed Americans.

Please, watch these in their entirety. You’ll be amused, but mostly, you’ll be horrified.