Hi, I’m J. James. You may recognize me as the dude behind the site that you are currently reading. If not, then hi. I’m J. James, the dude behind the site that you are currently reading. We’re just doing a little spring cleaning around these parts and I’m here to remind you, our loyal liberal readers, about who we are and what we have to offer the world.

We here at Sickeningly Liberal use our reasoning and logic to guide our lives and political philosophies. We are against anything that cripples social progress, science, and education. We are against anything that uses the supernatural as justification for intolerance and ignorance. We do not believe that a lack of religion means a lack of morals just as we do not believe the embracing of religion means a lack of intellect. We assign ourselves to no political party and reject the “us versus them” mentality that has consumed the political sphere. We believe in equality and every person’s right to pursue happiness. Mostly, we wish for people to treat all human beings – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or favorite daytime soap – with the respect that they deserve.

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We have been gracing the internets with our presence for eighth glorious months now. In case you’re a noob, here are a few selected articles from these past months to give you a feel for what we’re all about:

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And my personal favorite, the video of the NY state senator giving a speech before a vote on same-sex marriage.

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You just need to read this thought-provoking essay by educational thinker Dr. Henry Giroux, a leading theorist of critical pedagogy in education. Everybody needs to read this.

There has been a long, though declining, tradition in the United States in which public school teaching was embraced as an important public service. It was assumed that teachers provided a crucial foundation for educating young people in the values, skills and knowledge that enabled them to be critical citizens capable of shaping and expanding democratic institutions. Since the 1980s, teachers have been under an unprecedented attack by those forces that view schools less as a public good than as a private right. Seldom accorded the status of intellectuals that they deserved, they remain the most important component in the learning process for students, while serving as a moral compass to gauge how seriously a society invests in its youth and in the future. Yet, teachers are being deskilled, unceremoniously removed from the process of school governance, largely reduced to technicians or subordinated to the authority of security guards. Underlying these transformations are a number of forces eager to privatize schools, substitute vocational training for education and reduce teaching and learning to reductive modes of testing and evaluation.


I love America; to an extent. Sometimes we, not only as Americans but as people, tend to let certain ideologies and categorical beliefs direct our judgment. As of lately, there seems to be one such area where everyone seems to have a strong dissenting opinion, and I am not talking about who is to blame in the Jon and Kate Plus Hate fiasco or “why are those people in the Snuggie commercials wearing their robes backwards,” hence my conditional love of our country. No, that center-ring star of the national circus would be public health care. I have heard and participated in many debates, both of sound mind and body and those of more sound, less mind (drunk), where both sides assessed the merit of a public health care system.

And what did all of those conversations have in common? They were all pointless.

No one ever wins when it comes to these debates and we always just walk away thinking about how big of an idiot that other person is. So I decided to try and figure out a way to convey my opinion of a public health care system in the most productive way possible. My first thought was that I could write portions of MY IDEAS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, AS TO CONVEY A SENSE OF THREAT AND URGENCEY. As enticing as it would be to write while completely ignoring any literary conventions and general intelligence, that would be just too folksy for me. My next possible avenue was that of extreme conservatism. I could roll up on my adversaries’ place of business and just forcibly tea-bag my opinion down their throat. That method, although enjoyable and making for good television, would just get messy. My third option was that of the liberal route. I could be painfully meticulous and boringly informative in the explanation of my opinions, and at the first sign of political opposition I could fold up like a Prius in a head on collision – also no.