I’m very happy to report that yesterday the House of Representatives passed The Affordable Health Care for America Act (a.k.a. H.R. 3962 : read full 2,000 pages of bill here… I don’t recommend that) with a very tight vote of 220-215, which included a single Republican vote. Raise your glass to bipartisanship! I’m not happy to report that this isn’t the end and there is still a long way to go before this turns into a law (see: School of Rock – I’m Just a Bill).

What exactly does this mean for health care reform in the U.S. then?

The Senate now has to vote on their health care legislation, which is unique from the legislation that the House passed. If their bill passes the Senate, then the House and the Senate have to come together and combine their two pieces of legislation into one piece of mega-legislation, which as you can imagine, will be time consuming… and I’m betting really, really boring.

Even though it is still a ways off, House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio had some pissy words to say about the bill passing the House.

“Well, it was about what I thought it would be. I came here to renew the American Dream, so my kids and their kids have the same opportunities I had. I came here to fight big-government monstrosities like this bill that dim the light of freedom and diminish opportunity for future generations.”

Like the opportunity of being healthy without being ass-raped by corrupt health insurance companies? Apparently not, as long as he isn’t one of the millions of Americans being ass-raped. Thankfully, there is one Republican in the House that isn’t completely delusional, that being Joseph Cao who represents the district that New Orleans, Lousiana is in.

oxymoron“I had to make a decision of conscience based on the needs of the people in my district,” Cao said of being the only Republican to vote alongside the Democrats. “I had to make a decision and I felt that last night’s decision was the right decision for my district. Even though it was not the popular decision for my party.”

Some Republicans, unsure of how to deal with such defiance, said he was just kissing President Obama’s ass in exchange for perks for his struggling district, but Cao quickly refuted those claims.

“The president and I, we have had a very good relationship, and I thank him and his administration for their hard work in helping me to rebuild my district after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I’m pretty sure that if I were to vote no against the bill the president would still continue to work with me to address the needs of my district. But I felt it was important of me to support the president in this matter because, like I said before, based on my own conscience, it was the right decision for my district.”

Thank God that not all Republican politicians are mindless, bigoted drones. We still have months until we see some real action take place, but this is exciting and promising news and gives me hope that we will see this reform sooner rather than later.

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Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida, 8th District) was alloted an hour on the House floor to give a speech on healthcare yesterday. He began by noting the Havard study that 44,789 Americans die each year because they lack health insurance. With a little research, he was able to comprise the numbers of how many people died in each of the Congressional district where House Republicans had voted down healthcare reform.

His speech was awesome, it was powerful, and it was nothing more than reading off statistics that he had compiled. As you can imagine, this pissed off the Republicans, who after 23-minutes demanded he yield so they could object to this factual evidence, in which he simply refused stating, “No. My time is limited, and I intend to use it.” He then continued reading. The Republicans quickly connived to waste more time by threatening a roll-call vote to have him sanctioned, but to no one’s surprise, the House staff concluded that Grayson had violated no rule. After nearly an hour of Republican stalling, Grayson was permitted to continue his speech, in which he then read real-life stories from

Read Rep. Grayson’s written response to all of this Republican hooplah right here. Do read it too. It’s fantastic.

You may remember Grayson in the news a little over a month ago, when he gave a House speech where he stated, “The Republican health care plan is this: ‘Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly.'” Naturally, he was criticized mercilessly by Republicans and Fox News who demanded an immediate apology, because he hurt their feelings – but as they say, the truth hurts. The next day, Grayson stood modestly before his Representative peers on the floor with a heartfelt apology: “I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America.”

You are a true American badass, Rep. Grayson, and we here at Sickenginly Liberal endorse you for Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. If only more politicians had the cajones that you do.


A genius idea that I’m pissed I hadn’t thought of first. At one of the recent teabagging rallies in Washington, D.C., two college guys traveled to the rally with only a camera and microphone to ask basic questions to the passionate protesters. The outcome was the brilliant guerilla journalism that you can watch below. The interviewer, who according to their YouTube channel is a fellow named Chase Whiteside, does very little besides ask legitimate questions. The result is their complete self-destruction on camera, right before our very eyes. As laugh-out-loud hilarious as it is frightening, I think it is a proper portrayal of some of the the problems we face in America today, which I am sure will be touched on over and over again as this site progresses: ignorant, uninformed Americans.

Please, watch these in their entirety. You’ll be amused, but mostly, you’ll be horrified.

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