Finally! Stoners are about to have nothing left to talk about.

A transpartisan initiative, ‘Just Say Now’ is a campaign supported by several politicians, litigators, law enforcement officials, and physicians.  The cast of ‘Half Baked’ was not included on the advisory board, however, Nancy Reagan has prematurely rolled over in her grave.

Apparently the cast from ‘Half Baked’ was too busy with their careers to participate.

The goals of Just Say Now include:

  • Organize transpartisan support for ending marijuana prohibition across the country by combining the online organizing efforts of Firedoglake, which has 100,000 readers a day, with the grassroots organizing abilities of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, with chapters at 150 campuses across the country.
  • Turn out voters to support marijuana initiatives on the 2010 ballot in Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado and South Dakota.
  • Work to get marijuana initiatives on the ballot in multiple states in 2012, with an emphasis on presidential battleground states, to encourage a national conversation about marijuana policy during the next election.
  • Inform the conversation around ending prohibition and educate the public about the true state of our antiquated drug policy
  • Encourage government at all levels to adopt more sane, pragmatic and reasonable policy regarding marijuana.

This legislation should also help to stimulate the snack food industry, which would be great for Pennsylvania business, Troyer Farms. If you’re sitting in your dorm room now, thinking about how great it’d be to splash some water in that bong, turn on your black light, smoke some endo, and then pop in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, go join the movement at (Apparently the website is being hosted at

Will the United States cave into the decade long desires of people like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty? We’ll find out in the upcoming years.

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