As you can see above (click the photo for a better look), I received a Facebook invite to become a fan of something very interesting today.

Before you go getting all huffy puffy and condemning them for wishing the death of the sitting president though, understand that this fan page is alright, folks, because it’s humor. You know, like satire and shit. The creator of the group even clarified this in a comment, saying: “I just wanted to let some people who were wondering know that we are not really praying for the death of obama it is just some humor to show our disapproval of our current president.”

Because, you know, praying to the Judeo-Christian God for the death of a Constitutionally-elected American President just because you disagree with their political policies (even if you probably can’t define socialism, explain a single one of his policies, or even articulate any sort of counter-argument other than shouting something about big government being bad) is funny and not contradictory to Jesus’s teachings at all. Because it’s humor, people. HUMOR. God has a sense of humor, why don’t we? They’re not really praying for it. Don’t you get it?

Seriously though, on a more important note, how dare the creator of the fan page spell Patrick Swayze’s name wrong. Jackass.

UPDATE (MAY 2, 201): This page now has 1,186,112 fans. Disgusting.