By now, you’ve probably heard about Republican California state senator Roy Ashburn, who was arrested for a DUI after allegedly leaving a gay bar. This was of particular interest because Ashburn has been a loud oppositional voice to gay rights in his state, having “voted against expanding anti-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation, recognizing out-of-state gay marriages and establishing a day honoring gay lawmaker Harvey Milk.” A few years back, he also hosted a rally in favor of “traditional marriage,” which it totally against the California-coined “opposite marriage.”

Today, Ashburn finally spoke about the entire situation on a California radio show: “I’m gay. Those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long.”

I sat here for a while pondering his revelation and have finally come up with an answer. Since Ashburn is gay, it is okay for him to vote against gay rights. Now, I’m a not scientist, but I think it is sort of like how African Americans are allowed to call each other the N-word, even in a derogatory manner, but Michael Richards cannot, because he is not black. So, if Ashburn weren’t gay, he would be a bigot for his stance against gay rights. Since he is gay, it’s okay. It’s just like if an African American senator voted to legalize segregation, that would not be racist. Because he’s black.

Wait… right?

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