Scientology cannot cure stupidity. Yet.

Most organized religion is baseless rhetoric.  Other than the Church of Baseball, I don’t trust religions farther than I can throw them.  However, when Scientology came around, it raised the stakes to a whole new level.  Crappy science fiction author and completely insane person L. Ron Hubbard penned the doctrine for mindless lemmings to follow back in 1952.  It promotes concepts like ‘auditing’ (making the tax term seem much more reasonable in comparison), in which members of the religion pay to learn how to cleanse themselves of spiritual and physical toxins and ‘thetans’, which are souls that have lived on other planets before they made their ways here.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty nutty cult.

Recent revelations have taught the public just how insane these Scientologists really are.  After signing a contract for a (laughably) one billion years, when someone decides that they’ve finally had enough of the crazy Scientology shenanigans they dedicated themselves to, they have to go through an arduous ‘exit process’.  If they don’t go through the process in its entirety, they risk being excommunicated by their family, friends, spouses and even children.  This threat is used as the fear mongering carrot to entice Scientologists to stay in the weird Alice in Wonderland-type cult they joined.  When asked about this practice, Head Whackjob, known only as the supervillain ‘Mr. Davis’, said it was no different than practices by other religions, such as Catholics and the Amish.

Oh.  Well, I’m glad that makes it okay to cut someone off completely from their friends and family to help preserve your cult.  Dick.

More and more people are now coming out of the woodwork to share just how crazy this fictitious ‘religion’ is and hopefully it’s the start of some common sense striking  the ignorant masses.

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