Well, way to go Fox.  You had to go and offend your newest, high-profile political pundit, Sarah Palin.  For those of you who may not be keeping up with your current events, Family Guy recently aired an episode in which Chris (the protagonist’s son) goes on a date with a girl with Down syndrome.  Offended yet?

On the date, the girl with DS claimed that her dad was an accountant and her mother was the former Governor of Alaska.  Offended yet?  I don’t know why Palin would be by that subtle reference either.

Now, did Family Guy do some things that were in questionable taste?  I suppose some people could find the song ‘Down Syndrome Girl’ offensive, in which Stewie refers to hugs that are nice ‘ because they’re tighter than a vice and go on for an hour’.  Now, I’m not sure of Sarah Palin’s television viewing habits, but I’m sure this isn’t the first time she’s heard of Family Guy. I would wager a guess to say that she probably understands that the purpose of the show is to be satirical and shock and offend pretty much everyone.  If she didn’t understand this before, I would certainly hope that she has taken the time to watch a couple of episodes to help her better understand this now.  Family Guy makes fun of every social topic and demographic, ranging from the physically and mentally handicapped (a la Stephen Hawking and Peter’s ‘handicapable’ police officer neighbor, Joe Swanson) to all the different races of the rainbow.

During an interview, Palin asked, “…when is enough, enough?”  Well apparently it wasn’t when Family Guy was spewing out racial jokes, or fat jokes, or socioeconomic jokes, or divorce jokes… but throw a Down syndrome joke out there and watch out!  She’s heard about that before.  In fact, her kid has Down syndrome.  Well, how dare you, Family Guy!

In case you were wondering, Sarah Palin apparently only cares about things that directly offend her.

Bill O’Reilly, who I find entertaining some of the time, stated in a terribly boorish (and mostly illogical)  interview with Palin that Seth MacFarlane was ‘a hater’.  If you’re qualifying a single off-the-cuff Palin reference as being ‘a hater’, I’m afraid you’ve missed the whole point of Family Guy. The entire show is ‘a hater’ because it’s satirical.

Interestingly enough, later in the interview with O’Reilly,  Palin claims she is offended by Rahm Emanuel’s use of the term ‘f-ing retard’.  However, she then defends Rush Limbaugh who also used the same term, ‘f-ing retard’, claiming that when Rush used the term, it was satirical.  I wonder if she means satire just like on the television show Family Guy who used satire to offend her initially?

That lady is a f*cking retard.

If you choose not to watch Family Guy, please don’t do it because they aired an episode with someone who had Down syndrome and also had a Sarah Palin reference.  Do it because it’s really not that funny of a show.

Cartman’s take on Family Guy

**Update** Andrea Fay Friedman, who played the voice of the girl with Down syndrome that Chris dated (and also has Down syndrome), has said in an interview that “former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor.”   She also explicitly stated that she was not making fun of Sarah Palin’s son with Down syndrome, Trig, rather she was just making fun of Sarah Palin.  “I think the word is ‘sarcasm’,” she’s quoted as saying.

Check out the interview in its entirety here. I think it’s pretty sweet to see someone with Down syndrome succeed in the world of show business; typically an industry where the most popular players can fall out of favor for having a hangnail.