I’m not sure, but we’re going to be finding out next election.  Apparently Political Action Committees weren’t enough for the money-grubbing politicians, so now America is going to get what they’ve been wanting for decades: the best president corporate America’s money can buy.

In a landmark ruling on Thursday, January 21st, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that limiting campaign contributions was a First Amendment violation.  This opens up the wallets of major corporations to spend limitless amounts of dollars on advertising for candidates in national, state, and local elections.  So how much air-time a company would like to purchase in support of a candidate is now directly proportional to the depths of their pocketbook.  There are still protections in place that prohibit corporations from donating dollars directly to candidates.  However, that point really seems to be moot at this juncture.

Fortunately, (if there is any silver lining to this) I’ve been saving since my first paper route 15 years ago for just such an occasion.  I’m finally ready to throw my hat into the political arena and spring my add in support of my candidate in 2012.  I don’t want to give too much away, but think Janet Jackson in Rhythm Nation meets Vince from ShamWow! It’s artistic and inspired.

I hope that information about how much these companies spend on political advertising is available to the public so that we-the-people can see how much President Wal-Mart costs next election.

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