I was flipping through channels today and absolutely had to stop on Fox News because Geraldo Rivera was on.  What a mustache that guy has!  It’s like Snidely Whiplash.

Anyways, on the bottom of Fox News I noticed a number ticking away and getting larger by the second.  Then when I read the title of the number I was terrified!  The number that was growing was our national debt, thanks to those dirty Democrats.  Oh, no!  What should I do?!   “That number has place values I never even learned about before,” I thought to myself.  “No wonder all the analysts at Fox News are so angry.  Look at all the money we’re spending that we don’t have!”

Fortunately in my excitement I jumped up from the couch.  When I sat back down, I sat on my own testicles and it hurt so badly that it made me remember this.

“What is this?” say you, who are too lazy to click on the link and read.  It’s the 3 trillion dollars we spent on a war we entered under false pretenses.

Idiots. (Except you, Geraldo)