Anyone who lives in Pennsylvania knows that the laws for selling beer are archaic at best, the state laws holding our tasty beer in an unfair state of slavery that is still reverberating from times shortly after prohibition was lifted. Most other states, you can go right into a grocery store or a gas station convenience store and you can pick up some cold brews to take home and relax with. Not in Pennsylvania though. The distributors that close early in the evening and over-priced bars are where you have to visit if you want beer – although thankfully Wegman’s has broken into the market thanks to some clever manipulation of lawful loopholes.

If you want to help change these laws – which seems inevitable in the end, but the changes are so far overdue, so let us not waste anymore time – all you need to do is sign this petition. It may make a difference. It may not. Either way, it won’t hurt and it is worth your ten seconds of time. Think about all of the joy you’ll be providing lonely drunks across the state of Pennsylvania who just want to pick up a six pack while getting their milk and $5 copy of Jerry Maguire at Wal-Mart.