Who wants to listen to real people tell obviously fabricated stories about their pathetic lives? I want to hear why healthcare reform is necessary from politicians, so then I can say, “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HEALTHCARE, RICHIE RICHARDSON McOIL, YOU SOCIALIST COMMIE FASCIST!” Why would I want to hear what average Larry the Liberal wants to say, as if he knows more about politics than a professional such as Glenn Beck?

Don’t give us your sob story about how your daughter died because she didn’t have healthcare. THIS IS AMERICA, HOME OF THE FREE, NOT HOME OF THE FREE DOCTOR’S VISITS. Stop letting yourselves die, and get a job with healthcare benefits. That should be easy. The job market is hotter than ever right now.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always felt that the best way to deal with these propaganda spreading liberals and make my political point is by heckling everyday citizens sharing their stories, especially those telling recent personal tragedies. We don’t debate, we berate. That’s my motto and that’s the American way. These are America’s true patriots. These are the teabaggers.