Yes, that is an Alanis Morissette reference.  And, coincidentally, she’s looking pretty foxy now-a-days; but that’s a whole different story altogether.  This post actually has nothing to do with Alanis Morissette.

Post Dave Coulier AND Ryan Reynolds. How did she manage to keep it together?

It does, however, have a lot to do with Real Life Super Hero Travis Hodge who helped police apprehend an armed robbery suspect moments after he and his accomplices allegedly held up a La Mexicana in Omaha, Nebraska.  Witnesses claim that three masked men walked into the restaurant carrying guns on the evening of November 19th, 2009.  After the robbers fled the scene, innocent bystander Travis Hodge pursued one of them a few blocks down the street before tackling and wrestling him to the ground.  “That’s pretty sweet.  Where’s the irony in that?” you ask.

Travis Hodge was released from jail on a burglary charge just hours before chasing down and subduing said dangerous criminal.

We owe him a bit of thanks,” said Omaha police Lt. George Merithew.

Average bystander, or is Travis Hodge more than meets the eye?"

I’ll say.

Now, I have absolutely no idea about Travis Hodge, what kind of person he is, or the circumstances of his life.  I’ve never met him and can’t speak on his behalf.  In fact, I’ve never even been to Omaha.  And I’m not in any way endorsing how our criminal justice system rehabilitates inmates (because that’s also a topic I don’t feel qualified to discuss).   He may have done absolutely nothing to better himself in jail.  Maybe he’s just a nice guy who made a mistake in youthful ignorance.  I don’t know.

Regardless of his motives, or whether it is truly nice to see a former law-breaking citizen contributing to society, whether it’s helping an old lady cross the street with her groceries or chasing down armed robbers and doing battle with them until the police get there (in my mind I have his wrestling match painted as more of an Anakin-Obi Wan-on-Mustafar-style fight).

This little glimmer of hope may just help me get through the weekend.  Yeah for society in Omaha, Nebraska.  Hopefully this young man can keep himself on the path of righteous and just and continue to fend of the forces of evil that are flooding the deadly streets of the Midwest.

For more details, check out the full article here.