carrieprejeanI don’t know why news outlets and bloggers are giving Carrie Prejean the time of day, why anyone would give a damn about her beliefs in the first place, or why anyone would choose to waste their hard earned money and time on some book of hers that she is shamelessly extending her fifteen minutes of fame to promote. Yet, here I am. Guilty as charged. I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s hot, the same reason they keep Elisabeth Hasselback on The View.

Like I said and as you can see, she is super hot, but her soul is withered and she’s a crazy religious-nut. In other words, if I met her in a bar, took her back to my place, then realized that she was Carrie Prejean, I am positive that my penis wouldn’t respond. My penis would say, “You are a fucking dumb bitch, Carrie Prejean. A childish dumb bitch,” and then retreat inside my body.

Just watch this video of her recent appearance on Larry King where she acts like a child. Does she honestly think that people aren’t going to bring this up? Instead of acting like a total cunt-whore, why not get together with your lawyer beforehand and come up with a stock answer that would be fulfilling enough for an interviewer, yet make the point that you’re not going to say any more on the subject. Seriously, Carrie Prejean, I don’t even want to watch that video of you masturbating that you admit is in existence.

It does kind of feel good to sink to your childish level and call you names. You’re an idiot, Carrie Prejean. Your hotness is far outweighed by your ignorance. And you make conservatives and religious people everywhere look bad. I will never ever discuss you again. You aren’t worth the internet space.