There are few people that I respect less than Glenn Beck.  Depending on when you catch me, I may tell you Rush Limbaugh or Joseph Stalin, but right now it’s definitely Glenn Beck.  Not only does he typically spew baseless rhetoric, (a very dangerous thing to do) that millions of people tune into, but he also can’t spell.  Now, I’m not one to be hypercritical of spelling because, after all, we’re all only human.  However, when you’re trying to spread dangerous propaganda to millions of people and you can’t spell, well, then I feel entitled to be a little hypercritial.

Seriously?  That guy must be terrible to play Scrabble with.  If you’re about to unveil this oligarchy acronym that shows just how evil our President is, shouldn’t someone make sure that all of the letters in the acronym actually spell out the word ‘oligarchy’?  Isn’t that what a producer is for?  Or, dare I say, Glenn Beck himself?  I worry about people who listen to conspirators who can’t spell the primary word that their conspiracy is about.  On a side note, does anyone else think that Glenn Beck seemed like he was tweaking out on national television?  I was going to try and come up with an acronym for ‘DRUG ABUSE’, but I ran out of steam around the second letter ‘U’.

If you watch the television show South Park, there was a fantastic parody of Glenn Beck and his crazy propaganda rambling this week.  And if you don’t watch South Park regularly, or haven’t watched an episode in quite some time, the creators are fantastic about keeping their show up to date and relevant with our social and political climates.  It’s actually grown from Terrance and Philip farting in their space suits to a spot-on commentary on culture in general.


That's right: KILL SMURFS.

If you didn’t have an opportunity to see this week’s episode and you’re interested in watching Cartman try to unravel the KILL SMURFS conspiracy, head on over to South Park Studios and look for the ‘Dances with Smurfs’ episode.  Again, South Park is at its best when it can point out the absolute absurdity of blatantly ignorant people.