This may seem like an odd video for a politically-oriented blog – that is until you remember that religion is ingrained in politics in every country throughout the world. The sooner oppressive and corrupt institutions such as the Vatican and Al-Qaeda disintegrate, the better. While I am all for religious freedom of the individual, when a religion’s corruption, bigotry, and hypocrisy begins to affect others, then I have major problems.

It really blows my mind that I have never come across these Mr. Deity webisodes, especially since they have been around for a few years and I’m always perusing the interwebs for sites and blogs dealing with the absurdity of religion. It took the blog of the awesome PZ Myers to point out that PZ himself was making an appearance in one of the videos for my discovery and I’ve been sitting here for forty-five minutes watching video after video – and it has been time well spent. Check out a few of my favorites below. PZ plays the scientist in the third video down..

Do yourself a favor and check out the Mr. Deity website and Youtube channel for more of this goodness.