According to a 2006 study by the University of Minnesota, atheists are the least trusted group in America, or as the poll worded it: “This group does not at all agree with my vision of American society.”

Some forty percent (that’s nearly HALF, for you not-so-math-savvy) of Americans said this about atheists, compared to other groups known to face discrimination in the US, including Muslims (26%) and homosexuals (23%). To many Christians, when they meet a Muslim or Jew or Buddhist, they nod their head politely and understand there are many of them out there that are moral, even if they still think they are going to burn in a fiery hell for eternity. When these same people hear that a person is an atheist though, their heartbeat accelerates and they clench their purses or check their wallets to make sure they are still there – because to them, they associate atheism with a lack of morals.

Why is this? Do you feel there are many atheists in politics already who claim a Christian church as their own in order to keep favor?

We are humanists. We are agnostics. We are atheists. But like people who embrace a faith or belief in a higher power, most of us a good, taxpaying citizens who are as moral as anyone who attends church every Sunday. Many of us are starting to come out of the closet, so to speak, but we still face discrimination daily for our beliefs about religion. When the bigotry facing the battle for gay marriage passes, will the issue of atheists being accepted be the next great fight? For we believe in science. How is that any more ridiculous than an invisible being (or beings) in the sky?