December 2009

‘Tis the season for giving, and our government is trying their best to ensure around 30 million US citizens have a happy holiday.  And a happy rest of their lives.

Hopefully we can get this sucker straightened out in the House (or the Hizzy, as I like to call it).  Check out some of the most important legislation in quite some time.

Affordable Health Care for America Act (.pdf)

Shortened summery of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (.pdf)

A Yahoo! article summarizing how the Senate Bill would change health care (not a .pdf)

I was flipping through channels today and absolutely had to stop on Fox News because Geraldo Rivera was on.  What a mustache that guy has!  It’s like Snidely Whiplash.

Anyways, on the bottom of Fox News I noticed a number ticking away and getting larger by the second.  Then when I read the title of the number I was terrified!  The number that was growing was our national debt, thanks to those dirty Democrats.  Oh, no!  What should I do?!   “That number has place values I never even learned about before,” I thought to myself.  “No wonder all the analysts at Fox News are so angry.  Look at all the money we’re spending that we don’t have!”

Fortunately in my excitement I jumped up from the couch.  When I sat back down, I sat on my own testicles and it hurt so badly that it made me remember this.

“What is this?” say you, who are too lazy to click on the link and read.  It’s the 3 trillion dollars we spent on a war we entered under false pretenses.

Idiots. (Except you, Geraldo)

This has absolutely nothing to do with politics.  However, my fear of cats is growing by the minute.

“They show extraordinary intelligence, even problem-solving. Especially the big one. We bred eight originally, but when she came in she took over the pride and killed all but two of the others. That one… when she looks at you, you can tell she’s working things out.” – Robert Muldoon

I haven’t laughed this hard in quite some time.  Thanks to blog-favorite PZ Myers for finding and posting this little gem.

I’m sure Charles Darwin would really appreciate the new 50 page forward Crazy Ray wrote for him.  I think the Blood of Christ Beer is a much more effective way to get your point across.  Until next time, I’m going to go eat some bananas, the key to Creationism.

Houston Mayor-elect Annise Parker, center, celebrates her runoff election vicotry at a campaign party Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009 in Houston. Parker defeated former city attorney Gene Locke making Houston the largest U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You have to admit, though, it’s a nice start.

Apparently Ms. Parker has her hands full with transportation issues, balancing of a budget (surprise), and finding a new police chief for the City of Houston.  One of the big ticket items on her platform is promoting fiscal responsibility.  If you look at her credentials, she certainly doesn’t seem underqualified for that task.

Maybe while she’s at it, she could look into helping out the Astros figure out how to keep their staff ace, Roy Oswalt, healthy next season.  My fantasy team sure would appreciate it.

The context of this clip really isn’t that important. I just wish I were an Irish citizen so I could vote for Paul Gogarty. Not because I agree with his politics – I’m not entirely familiar with the Irish Green Party, which he runs under – but because he makes for some great television. If only C-SPAN were this exciting.

Many are already labeling President Obama as a War President, due to his approval of sending 30,000 more troops to the war Afghanistan. Perhaps this alone makes his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year so controversial.

Below, you can watch the video and find the full text of his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Read it over, see what he has to say, because he hits right on the controversy and talks about the wars that the US is waging.


Anyone who lives in Pennsylvania knows that the laws for selling beer are archaic at best, the state laws holding our tasty beer in an unfair state of slavery that is still reverberating from times shortly after prohibition was lifted. Most other states, you can go right into a grocery store or a gas station convenience store and you can pick up some cold brews to take home and relax with. Not in Pennsylvania though. The distributors that close early in the evening and over-priced bars are where you have to visit if you want beer – although thankfully Wegman’s has broken into the market thanks to some clever manipulation of lawful loopholes.

If you want to help change these laws – which seems inevitable in the end, but the changes are so far overdue, so let us not waste anymore time – all you need to do is sign this petition. It may make a difference. It may not. Either way, it won’t hurt and it is worth your ten seconds of time. Think about all of the joy you’ll be providing lonely drunks across the state of Pennsylvania who just want to pick up a six pack while getting their milk and $5 copy of Jerry Maguire at Wal-Mart.

Despite the bill’s support by the state’s governor, the New York State Senate failed New Yorkers and Americans today by voting down same-sex marriage with a 38-24 margin. There was a bright shining moment in the chamber, that being an eloquent, heartfelt speech by Senator Diane Savino. Honestly, I have about the biggest schoolboy crush ever right now. Senator Savino, I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m ready to settle down. Call me.

I cannot comprehend somebody listening to this speech and still disagreeing.

Deputy Republican leader, Tom Libous, said of today’s results: “Certainly this is an emotional issue and an important issue for many New Yorkers. I just don’t think the majority care too much about it at this time because they’re out of work, they want to see the state reduce spending, and they are having a hard time making ends meet. And I don’t mean to sound callous, but that’s true.”

So, apparently, unhappy New Yorkers would want to strip as many people as possible of their happiness. Here’s an interesting breakdown from the NY Times: “The defeat revealed stark divides: All 30 of the Republican senators opposed the bill, as did most of the members from upstate New York and Long Island. Support was heaviest among members from New York City and Westchester County and among the Senate’s 10 black members. Seven of the Senate’s 10 women voted for it.”

In other words, it’s more or less old, white, Christian, Republican males that are keeping this political discrimination going in New York, keeping gays and lesbians as second-class citizens, and once again strengthening my argument that Republicans are completely useless and downright hurtful to our country. Let’s bring back the Whig Party – at least they had a few decent ideas. With that said, not all Democrats are free from blame, with four first-term Democrat clowns playing it safe by voting nay along with four others. Hopefully this means that their first time in office is their last, because as Democratic Senator Kevin S. Parker put it after the results today, “This is the worst example of political cowardice I’ve ever seen.”

Cowardice is putting it nicely though. It’s an abomination. Disgusting. Oh, just for a hell of it, here are the names and emails of the eight Democrats that shot this bill down today. Whether you reside in the state of New York or not, please, have your voice heard.

Aubertine (Upstate) –
Stachowski (Upstate) –
Addabbo (Queens) –
Onorato (Queens) –
Diaz (Bronx) –
Kruger (Kings) –
Huntley (Queens) –
Monserrate (Queens) –

Regardless of where you stand on the topic of global warming, one cannot deny how devastating the Climategate controversy could be for those adamant supporters if this news proves true.  Apparently some e-mails were leaked/hacked into among a few of the higher ups who research and promote the theory of man-made global warming.  These e-mails  implicate said scientists with falsifying grandiose data about the effects of man on expediting the global warming process.

I’ve been hard-pressed to find any information about this on the World Wide Web and no legitimate websites that have posted any of the e-mails in their entirety.  Most of the websites, in fact, only speak of the scientists implicated and summarize some of these mysterious (and probably illegally obtained, if at all) e-mails.  I assumed this would be a great finger pointing moment for those opposed to the theory of man-made global warming.  Instead of hearing this on the news or radio, however, I first caught a whiff of this story on The Drudge Report, but I haven’t seen any major websites (CNN, Yahoo!, cbs, etc.) post any information in regards to it, which seems a tad fishy to me.  So, if anyone is able to find anymore relevant information pertaining to this scandal, please, feel free to post the links below.

I’d say fabricating data in regards to a billion or trillion dollar industry worldwide is probably cause for suspicion, so keep your ears to the ground, folks.

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